June 2018: Unread Shelf Challenge Update

Back in January, I decided to join others in the “book world” as we embarked on the journey of the Unread Shelf Challenge. The goal was to read books that were already on your bookshelves in hopes of making the amount of unread books you own a bit smaller.

Well, it is about halfway through 2018, and that means time for another update on my Unread Shelf Challenge!

The exact number of books I had at the beginning of the year is a bit unclear because between January and March (while I was reading some of my unread books) I kept finding random boxes/bags of books that had been put into storage.

However, since then I have made sure to keep better track of the books in my own personal library and currently have a total of 445 unread books in my collection. That is still a CRAZY amount of unread books!


I still have read a large amount of books from my shelf and am really proud of the fact that I have purchased (with the exception of books for school) very few new books.

IMG_5098.JPGAt the end of June, my reading stats are:

Books completed: 51

Books from my unread collection: 31

Books read (and purchased) for academic work: 12

Books borrowed from the library: 8

I know that I will not read all of the books on my unread shelf, I am hoping to continue the trend of creating TBRs from these books rather than buy something new.

IMG_5046One way that I plan to continue to hold myself accountable is to read through a list of my top 25 books that I wanted to read in 2018. This list was comprised of 25 books that featured a variety of genres, page, numbers, and content. Since January, I have read 7 of these books. Additionally, I chose to stop reading the Shiver trilogy by Maggie Stiefvater, which removed 3 more books from my list. I now have 15 books left to read and am planning to finish a majority of them this summer!

How is your reading for 2018 going? Are you keeping with your reading goals? If so, what is keeping you motivated?


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