The Joy of An Audiobook

Audiobooks sometimes get a bad rap amongst the book community. Do they count as “actual reading” or something else? Does the time it takes to listen to an audiobook count in the amount of time you spend reading? Can you can those books in your yearly total?

To me, the answer to all of these questions is YES!

IMG_5411.jpgI don’t think audiobooks should replace reading an actual book and become your only form of reading (unless that’s the only way you can, and then it’s totally understandable). However, without audiobooks, I wouldn’t be able to know the plot line of so many beautiful stories.

Currently, I am a senior in college and just months away from earning my degree in literature. Portions of my day are spent walking from place to place on campus or waiting for a class to start. And while I could pull out a book and read in these moments, by having the ability to listen to an audiobook I can reclaim those minutes for reading.

The possibilities are endless: at the gym, in the car, while at work (occasionally), as I cook dinner, while cleaning my apartment. My busy life doesn’t allow typically allow for me to sit and read for a solid hour, or even half an hour, unless I am reading for one of my courses.

What are your thoughts on audiobooks?


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